Kate One
Kate Two

You're about to speak with two versions of Kate, our digital human. Each version of Kate will ask you the same two simple questions. Just speak your answers naturally.

We'll then ask you a couple of questions to get your feedback on the experience. The whole experience should take no more than two minutes.

To start, let us know your first name and click OK.

We'll just need to turn your microphone on so Kate can hear you. Please accept the mic permissions above.

Rest assured, this is solely to allow you to speak with Kate. Your responses are anonymised and your privacy is secured in line with our privacy policy.

It's important to this research that you can speak to a digital human. So, to continue, you'll please need to enable your microphone.

We take your privacy seriously. We only use audio from this interaction to help us understand more about your experience with Kate. We don't store audio files beyond the time it takes to transcribe for the purposes of this research. To learn more, please see our privacy policy.

If you don't wish to take part in this research, you can close this window to exit the experience.

Your conversation has ended.

Apologies. We seem to be having a little trouble finding an opening for you to speak to Kate. We don't expect this delay to take long.

To continue with the research, please refresh this window (you may need to wait a minute before doing so).

Thank you for your patience.

Unfortunately Kate is too busy right now to talk with more people. Please try again in a few minutes by clicking here.

Sorry I couldn't hear you.

I'm listening

You can speak into your microphone to talk with me.